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ERAI is a very significant partner for B1 Electronics,  allowing us to increase the security of quality on all parts that are offered, so as to be a stable and secure support for our customers. You could always have a trusted resolution for your daily needs and productivity at the same time, develop an efficient and caring on threats which are increasingly serious in the Global Supply Chain of active and passive components.

The Electronic Resellers Association, Inc. (ERAI) is a trade organization with a mission to provide efficient tools and vetted information to allow companies throughout the global supply chain of electronics assess risk and eliminate the flow of counterfeit products and illicit business practices. ERAI's vision is to make the global electronic supply chain a SAFE business environment through industry cooperation, education, data sharing and promotion of best business practices. More information: www.erai.com



About B1 Electronics

B1 ELECTRONICS is a Contract Manufacturer and an independent stocking distributor of semiconductors and electronic components.

We are constantly expanding and our goal is to become one of the leading supplier of microelectronics in the World.

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